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Our cast of characters:
Dylan Eldridge – Teenage Wiz kid
Professor  Ray King – Soldier of God
Sean Hastings – Half breed warden
Tyrone Mayfield – Werewolf on the Rise

Having defeated the wendigo of Summit avenue, one Paul Carlson, a dilettante and would be adventurer who made a bad deal with the supernatural to survive being lost in the Canadian Arctic during the winter, and Ray having survived an unproductive round of threats and posturing  between he and Martha Griggs, invites the gang for a meal at the Blue Door Jazz Cafe so they can debrief and relieve some stress.

As it happens the Blue Door is neutral ground in all conflicts supernatural, and frequented by more than a few changelings, white court vampires and shapeshifters of various types, as well as mortal practitioners of magic of various traditions, in other words not a bad place to talk shop.

This all is going well and good until the food arrives and an old acquaintance, or more accurately, foe of Sean is their server. The woman is Elisabeta or as she goes by now, Lizzie. Lizzie is a witch born in Czarist Russia who Sean had been given orders to apprehend for trial for violating the Laws Of Magic established by the White Council. This was in the 1600s and Lizzie not wanting to lose her head, imprisoned Sean and inadvertently herself in some wooden dolls. That is until both managed to be freed from their respective dolls.


Lizzie in a panic tosses the tray of food at Sean and bolts for the door, Tyrone being helped along by his wolf side gives chase along with Ray and Sean.  Lizzie fleet of foot makes a good show of trying to escape but is subdued, and after some threats by Sean and some promises by Ray, the lot of them go back to the Blue Door to for an audience with Valentine the owner and house chanteuse. She also happens to be one of the oldest supernatural beings in North America. After more threats and and counter offers, Ray offers Lizzie sanctuary at the Basilica while Sean consults with the White Councils on Lizzie’s fate.

With the Lizzie situation settled and Dylan opting to leave before the dust settled Tyrone goes back to First Avenue to get ready for the evening’s show, where he meets up with Dylan a bit later to discuss a business opportunity to market a new energy drink. The two agree to move forward with their plans to hire a professional to do the ad campaign.

After the weekend Tyrone and  Dylan meet with Nanse Wilkins at First Ave to do a sampling of the product and to spit ball some strategies.

While this meeting is going on Gunderon Construction is finishing their project at the bar and Big Wally is coming to make a third offer to merge packs before he takes things to a more physical level. Big Wally calls Tyrone down for a chat leaving Dylan and Nanse to go over financials for the beverage company. The universe has other plans for Dylan. He goes into a seizure and has a vision of wolves, a shattering whiskey bottle and gun shots.

Meanwhile, Big Wally lays on the threats and his crew surround the two as they argue. Wally gives away that there is a threat coming from the north, and he sees Minneapolis and St Paul as their only real solution to that danger. Just then Dylan staggers down the stairs, and try to get Tyrone’s attention the sound of breaking glass and the rapport of a .45 drown his shouts out.

One of the wolves drops to the ground dead, and quickly morphs into a human being bleeding out over the checker board dance floor. At the far end of the club, Steve the owner, mobster Leo Marcone, and Vinny Argenti Leo’s body guard. Vinny is holding a smoking .45 and mumbling about how much he hates dogs, and all three men stand in a puddle of broken glass and whiskey.  The wolves make a break for the door.


The sound proofing of the club hides the gunshot well enough, even the VIP lounge baffles the sound well enough that  Ms. Wilkins buys dylans story of a construction crew mishap, Dylan stalls for time going over more financials and marketing ideas while Vinny cleans the mess, Steve quietly breaks down in the corner and the rest debate just what was, and was not seen in the last few moments. Marcone knows what he saw no matter how many times Tyrone and Wally insist that there were no wolves and that Vinny is off his nut!

Dylan also wants to know what happened, and an explanation of what he saw. Tyrone shows him the wolf, and eventually takes him back to the Blue Door to chat with Valentine about the truth of the world and his place in it. Valentine gives him the Cliff Notes version of whats out there and  suggests he is more a part of the supernatural world than the mundane, and sketches him the rune that marks him, but only those looking with “The Sight”.  With that  Dylan and Tyrone are off to explore a local magic book shop, where he purchases several tomes to aid his study.


My gaming group has started a Dresden File RPG campaign, and I hope to add senario recaps as I go and perhaps NPCs, monsters and Locations as they come up in game play. Please enjoy THE WENDIGO OF SUMMIT AVENUE

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Our cast of characters:
Dylan Eldridge – Teenage Wiz kid
Professor  Ray King – Soldier of God
Sean Hastings – Half breed warden
Tyrone Mayfield – Werewolf on the Rise

The year is 2003 and it is a warm spring day. A history class taught by adjunct  professor and Knight of the Cross Ray King at the University of St Thomas more a less as expected when the clatter of a student falling from his desk in a full  Grand  Mal  seizure disrupts the class.

The student is Dylan Eldridge, a and it is no ordinary seizure. Dylan although he does not see it as such is receiving  a vision of the future. He sees a weeping woman handing  out a missing person flier, a human heart  on a fine dinner plate and a creepy old mansion.

As Dylan seized another student  and a Warden  for the White Council  examines the young man using  The Sight. It reveals mystical energies  swirling  around Dylan and glowing rune.

As Dylan is helped  to student health  the woman from the vision arrives on the scene, with Monsignor O’Malley. The woman Lourdes Guzman is passing out fliers of he missing husband  Miguel. Miguel  had been working as a day laborer from time to time at UST.

Once recovered Ray teaches his next class and Dylan  goes about creating  a mock up of the house in the vision using Photoshop. From there he decides a chat with Ray and the Monsignor is in order.

Meanwhile, across the river in Minneapolis, Tyrone Mayfield try to work on the books at First Avenue while a crew from Gunderson  Construction  dismantles the decommissioned  coffee bar, when Big Wally Gunderson enters the club with a casserole   in one arm and some fliers in the other.

As it happens Gunderson, like Tyrone, is also a werewolf  and the leader of a well established pack from north of Minneapolis  and St Paul. Wally has a couple of reasons for his visit first to pass out  the fliers about the missing  Manuel Guzman, and second to greet the new pack leader with a tater-tot hotdish and an offer for a pack merger. Tyrone says he will consider the offer.

Back at UST Dylan, Ray, and the Monsignor have a chat about Dylan’s flash of insight, and Ray offering to assist after Dylan shared his vision. The Monsignor  has heard rumors that Ray has a position  within  the  church. The Monsignor  hints around asking if Ray will look into this in an official capacity and keep young Dylan out of trouble.

After grabbing a pistol, and Sean Hastings, the three go to the fenced off construction  site  that was the last place Mr. Guzman  had been seen.

The only thing that the investigation reveals is some very large dog prints that stop at a set of bare footed human prints  at the office trailer, and Big Wally  brandishing a shovel to deal with who ever broke into his construction site. After a bit of deescalation Gunderson shares that a Summit avenue socialite, One Martha Griggs  had been asking around for a carpenter to do some work on a friend’s house on Summit.

griggs house

As it happens Dylan knows Ms. Griggs having daughter out her approval  for a business  venture in St Paul being a mover and a shaker in St Paul, with a well established family name that graces streets, and buildings.

The next move was to talk to Martha Griggs and try to find the house from Dylan’s vision, to that end Dylan calls up Tyrone Mayfield  to meet the trio of investigators at A Fine Grind, a coffee shop near UST. Dylan knows Tyrone via the club scene and his wishing to explore recreational  pharmaceuticals. Due to some unfortunate   assumptions  Dylan thought Tyrone would be the man to do some B and E. Fortunately, Tyrone  and Ray know each other, and Tyrone owes Ray and agrees to do what he can.

Ray, Sean, and Dylan go to visit Ms Griggs, while Tyrone goes house hunting on Summit. The Griggs meeting featured lost of posturing  and some thinly veiled threats and questions  about Ms Griggs well stocked  paranormal  library. In the end the find out that Griggs   had helped  secure Mr. Guzman’s services as a carpenter for  Paul Carlson another Summit Avenue  resident with a respected family  name.

Meanwhile Tyrone finds the house and goes in for a little recon. He not so quietly lets himself in through a window. A voice beacons Tyrone to the dining room, where an exceptionally  gaunt man is sitting at the head of the table about to dig into a human heart.


The thing beacons him to sit and eat with him, revealing a truly horrific visage, bloody face, razor like teeth and claws. It attempts to command Tyrone to sit but to know avail Tyrone turns tail and runs with the thing howling and running after him swiping claws leave  him chilled to the bone as he makes a hasty escape back to A Fine Grind to meet up with the others.

Tyrone still shaken waits for  the rest of the crew as far away from the street as possible. Comparing notes Sean suggests that they are dealing with a wendigo and it is time to deal with it.

They go to the basilica  to gear up, watching Ray put on riot gear a shotgun  and a sword, and Sean in his heavy grey cloak and brandishing his warden’s  weapon, a heavy tomahawk  like some deranged LARPer or SCA member. Dylan goes home to do some online research in hopes of not being implicated in something, bad, really bad.

The three go back to the Carlson mansion and let them selves in the front and the back the find Mr Carlson  clinging to the high ceiling   of the living  room  saliva  dripping from his gaping maw.

A melee ensues with blows exchanged. Some magics are tossed around resulting in all the windows in the house exploding, the wendigo getting tossed around and meeting his final end after a few shotgun blasts. Some quick sword and axe work is followed by an escape just before St Paul Police respond  to a call of shots fired.

Vegan Mofo Day 3: Faux Fish

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So at long last I was able to try the Garden Fishless fillets. I was happy I did, it is one of the better vegan sea food items I have tried. I even made a little tarter sauce to go with it and some oven fries with malt vinegar. Yum!

Vegan MoFo Day 2

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So jackfruit is the most versatile fruit ever good in deserts and savories depending on ripeness. Above is a jackfruit and potato burrito.

Vegan Mofo Day 1

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Brunch! Tofu scramble Babka roll and potatoes.


The Characters:

Fik the half-orc monk and follower of Irori and reluctant master to Brother Chen

Tasilon a Human fighter/merchant on the run from trouble at home in Qadira

Templeton Granger a silver tongued noble from Varisia who could talk you out of your last copper.

Prank: A Gnome summoner from Varisia who rides around on a clock-work eidolon, he calls “Wonky”

Fresh off their victory over the arachnid abomination that was  responsible for the zombie plague in Galt, the way finders move on heading towards the Lastwall by way of the Elvish kingdom of Kyonin. They stop in the trading port of Greengold for resupply and the chance to sell their own goods.

Templeton while throwing his name around attracts the attention of an elf lad on a mission from his village elder to find THE Templeton Granger, Paladin, defender of the weak and all around hero. Never one to shy a way from a new angle to make some coin the Wayfinders’ Templeton Granger hears the boy out.

The lad  tells a tale of a village with all its warriors called away to the border with Razmiran and opportunistic ogres taking  live stock and now villagers, and the village elder knew just who to summon for their defense.

Templeton with promises of comely elf lasses and a reward convinces the rest of the band to undertake a little side trip to the village a days travel away. Once there the Wayfinders meet with the elder.

The elder is a very aged half-elf, and he is quite senile. The elder told stories of the good old days, reliving past adventures with his dear old friend Lord Templeton Granger. It quickly became apparent that these exploits had been decades earlier. The elder also mentioned his older sister, who had been Lord Granger’s flame at one point and time.

Hoping that the elder’s sister has moved on Templeton encourages the band to spring into action quickly to smite the ogres. These hopes were dashed when they arrived at their wagon to find an elven woman leaning up against the vehicle.

She confronted the party, and Templeton specifically about what they were up to. After some long conversations and a bit of charm, Alyndra Linswik known to her familiars as Quill agrees not to out him to her brother and revealed some info on the original Lord Granger, the most important thing being he had died 75 or so years previous and was Watcher-Lord of Lastwall before his passing.

The Wayfinders made short work of the ogres, rescuing their prisoners and discovering the grim fate of their victims, they returned heroes with the name of the Wayfinders and Lord Granger  chanted by one and all.

With a bit of wit and charm Templeton convinces Quill to accompany him on the journey to Lastwall, to help him establish his Granger bona fides. All appears well for the sail to Lastwall when a disheveled waif of a woman stumbles up the gang plank of the ship and shouts at Tasilon: “You, you’re a thief, and why are you not going north?’

Rise of the Wayfinders

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The Characters:

Fik the half-orc monk and follower of Irori and reluctant master to Brother Chen

Tasilon a Human fighter/merchant on the run from trouble at home in Qadira

Templeton Granger a silver tongued noble from Varisia who could talk you out of your last copper.

Prank: A Gnome summoner from Varisia who rides around on a clock-work eidolon, he calls “Wonky”

The day was won in the City of Woodsedge, but a greater threat remains, the undead army at the city walls.  Aldis Stormbeard the local Pathfinder venture captain has made the group an offer, if they can resolve the problem and find out exactly what it was that fell from the sky, the group would be made Pathfinders in good standing avoiding the multi-year probationary process. Knowing a good offer when they see one, the adventurers agree and set out for the impact site hoping to avoid the walking dead.

The journey is only a few days, but the landscape is ravaged, burnt villages, and shambling hoards of undead that appear to now have a purpose. The zombies walk single file like ants dragging what ever metal they have found towards where the object fell from the sky.

On day two the party runs into an old “friend”.

Further, we ran across none other than Dundas Montgomery, Loomis and Kellis, the leader of the skyrock rebellion and his lieutenants. They were… less than pleased to see me. But after Prank greased the ground so that their horses fell, we were able to get Dundas to… believe that we were out to get him. So nothing really changed. But he turned his back on me at a vulnerable moment, so I cut his throat, then convinced Lumis to work for me, and Kellis that I would start a rebellion somewhere at some point soonish. I really felt good about that save that it trampled on the sensibilities of my good friend Fik… I’m not happy about that. I mean, I’m not sad that I killed an evil man, and nor is he, but he was a little perturbed that the man was a) unarmed, and b) had surrendered.

From the Journal of Templeton Granger

Another day of travel and the party reaches the impact crater, after Tasilon does some recon on the crater andattached tunnel, they make their move the next morning.

We reached the point where I turned back which seemed so much closer to the entrance than it did while I was down there.  A few twists and turns later we were able to see a pulsing light coming from a cavern up again.  Peeking around Loomis I was able to see the biggest, fuzziest, scariest “spider” I’ve ever in my life seen.  Squinting a few times did not make the scene change, much to me chagrin.  I looked back at our motley group, then again to the spider again.  There was no way I would be called a coward by this group.  I pulled my blades and prepared to fight.  The tunnel we were in exploding into a swarm of activity as everyone launched themselves into battle.  I planned my route to the spider which included cutting down two zombies first, giving Loomis and Fik time to get the spider’s attention first.  The first zombie failed to fall with my first flurry of cuts which was unfortunate.  When it foolishly attempted to grab and bite me I was able to land the blow necessary to cut it down.  To my left I clear hear solid hits upon the spider and see it pivot around to face someone or another.  My path continue to be well planned.  One more zombie to cut down bringing me directly behind the spider.  Another few cuts, and again the zombie does not fall.  This time its attempt to grab me was successful and down we went in a heap, both fighting for leverage over the other.  I was just about prepared to  ask for assistance when I heard and Ork sized cannon ball land next to me, sliding across the magically slick floor.  The zombie I was fighting just stopped moving.  I poked it a few more times just to be sure then stood to find Fik covered in oil and spider slime with a big grin on his face.  The spider was no where to be seen.  Templeton jumped down from atop the curtain of light at a dead sprint yelling over his shoulder “RUN.”  I wasnt sure what he’d done but I was damned sure I didn’t want to be there when it happened so I ran.

From a letter home from  Tasilon aBin Zaleem of Qadira

With a second victory under their belt the party discuss what path to take next, the choice to push North or West, and what to call their merry band that appears destined for great things, after some debate “The Pathfinders” is selected and Templeton takes care to mention the name and their brave deeds to the people who have begun to leave their hiding spots as the end of the spider, brought an end to the undead army as well.  They returned to woods edge to a hero’s welcome.