Who goes there… thoughts on the current season of Doctor Who

Posted: May 6, 2010 in Doctor Who, Television and Film

Here in the United States we are now 3 episodes into the newest season of DOCTOR WHO.  So far the best thing about the new series is the character bits, Matt Smith appears to be finding his inner Doctor after a bit of shakiness and  feeling a bit too David Tennant in his mannerisms.  By the end of the 11th hour he had found his stride and the big proclamation of “I am the Doctor…RUN!” to the Atraxi as he steps threw the images of the previous regenerations gave me the rush that only a new Doctor can.

Karen Gillen as Amy Pond has also proven to be very enjoyable, with the right amount of sass, companions that moon over the Doctors every word and action are just  no fun. the on screen chemistry appears to be working in just about every situation, and so far she has not blundered stupidly into trouble as companions of the past have done.  Even some incredulous leaps logic.

Now for my biggest complaint about the series: Steven Moffat and his stable of writers are grabbing bits and pieces from other genre films and not really changing much and bolting it onto the show. In The Eleventh Hour the meeting of Amy and the Doctor’s relationship, separated by the years was borrowing fairly liberally from The Time Traveler’s Wife. And of course hints of The Empire Strikes in The Beast Below when the Doctor and Amy end up in the maw of the star whale (This is no cave!!!).  And finally in the weakest story thus far, the disappointing  Victory of the Daleks, the end sequence is all most a shot for shot remake of the big fight in Independence Day


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