Flying Jellyfish Attack!!!!!

Posted: May 16, 2010 in Shadowrun, Table Top Gaming, Technology

The other day i was visiting PZ Meyers’ Pharyngula blog and saw the most amazing robot thing ever: the Festo AirJelly. It floats via helium and maneuvers via the tentacle/flagellum looking things. its beautiful,and graceful and It would also make a great addition to a cyberpunk or near future game like Shadowrun or Cthulutech.  Imagine a fleet of these things floating over a city tricked out with surveillance gear keeping an ominous eye on the sky reporting back toe the police if something suspicious is going on in some dark alley. Or how about  a much much smaller version swimming quietly  around an arcology making sure all the residents are behaving.

Shadowrun 4th edition AirJelly drones

MCT Irukandji AJ-6 minidrone

Are your washrooms breeding Bolsheviks? Do you know if there is dicontent brewing  in the halls of your arcology? MCT has the solution for you. The Irukandji mini drone cans move quietly providing you and your security team the ability to stop problems before they start.  The AJ-6 can operate for proloned periods of time before stopping at a recharge and storage pods that can be placed around your facility.

Handling -3

Accel 1/5

Speed 2

Pilot 3

Body 0

Armor 0

Sensor 3

Avail 6

Cost 2000 Y

Clearsight 3 autosoft

MCT Man-0f-War AJ-2X Drone (large drone)

The ideal solution for a force multiplier for urban police forces on a tight budget. The AJ-2x “swims” silently across the city Watching and reporting back.  It allows criminal activity to be spotted from a distance while your rigger at dispatch calls in the squad cars or what ever else the situation requires. In a pinch the drone can drop gas canisters if the situation needs an immediate response.

Handling -2

Accel 4/9

Speed 25

Pilot 4

Body 3

Armor 1

Sensor 4

Avail 6

Cost 2700 Y

Clearsight 3 and Targeting 3 autosoft

Grenade  dropping system with 4 grenade magazine


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