The Story So Far…

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Shadowrun, Table Top Gaming

This weekend I started a new Shadowrun game, its been the first time I have ran the game in quite some time.  I used the current edition of the rules and I think I like it in action.  Currently I have three players but it looks like I could be up to four or five by next session. On the whole the game went well I had forgotten a few things on how the game operates regardless of the edition, conjuring although streamlined with new players can take a bit of time, and very wired characters can end a fight scene before it starts.  Also I think I might have let a bit too much cash out for the first game but I think I can adjust both those easily as I move forward.

The cast of characters is as follows:

Flair- A scion of the Wise Warrior mentor spirit who seeks to reduce blood shed when ever possible, often by obtaining black-mail material that can be used to get an opponent to stand down.

Twitch- A well armed and wired to the gills Street Samurai type. Flair and Twitch have regular debates on the appropriate use of force and medium machine guns

Avalon  Spirit-Walker- A chaos mage with talent for conjuring.

The runners are contacted by their fixer Sir Fix-A-Lot ( a slightly nervous, very much underfed Ork, fixer with a big ego, and ambitions that are much greater than his talents) for a job that  could get them moving up to bigger and better things.  Naava, a fixer with MUCH better connections than Fix-A-Lot is looking for some runners to fill out her roster and do a simple job, trading black mail material for a large armored backpack full of something. The cash for the job is good and some intense negotiations got the pot sweetened a little bit in case of serious problems.

The exchange happens at Gas Works Park on the north shore of Seattle’s Lake Union. The bones of the old gasworks make for excellent cover and hiding spots for persons not wanting to be seen.

Avalon does astral recon of the park and finds a sorcerer shape shifted into a very large sea-bird. Twitch wanders threw the park to get eyes on the bird, followed by Flair moving in to do the swap.  As the swap happens a sniper pops the target (a wage slave from Shiawase BioMedical)  Flair duns it out of the park with a spirit accelerating the speed of his get-away car. Twitch, blasts the sea-bird to bits, who shifts back into bits and pieces of a Shiawase security magician, and then  spots some jet-skis on the lake and alerts Avalon who sends another spirit after the jet-skis, while Twitch responds to rotor-drones with more machine-gun fire.

With a little breathing the runners make their way to the drop point, a shadow clinic in the Puyallup Barrens where Naava’s pet street doc is in charge.  The runners find the clinic in disarray, no one left alive save for a Ghoul (Eugene) who works as a janitor. Eugene  is badly hurt but lets the group know that the good doctor has been abducted by some very tough individuals, along with Eugenes son who the Doctor had been giving a treatment to prevent from becoming a Ghoul.

Left literally holding the bag, they go back to Fix-A-Lot who sets up a meet with Naava on her turf where she expands their job to getting the doctor back.   This was the end point of the session. Next time will be the legwork and the rescue.


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