Paranormal Activity 2: A review

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Television and Film

Kala, my mother-in-law, and my self went to see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2.  We had watched the first film on Netflix a couple of nights before just to be ready for the sequel.  I will try and be spoiler free if at all possible as far as major plot points and twists, but there  could be some minor spoilers, so consider your self warned!!!!!

The film its self is more of a prequel than an actual sequel, with the chain of events starting about 2 months before the first film. The action centering around Katie’s sister Kristi and her family; husband, Dan; step daughter Ali; new baby, Hunter; as well as their German Shepard Abby.  Katie and Micah make appearances as well.

The film does a good job of explaining the bigger picture of the two films, explaining the why of what happened in the first film.  It also felt very real, the performances were good and they felt like a a family for the most part.  Where the film breaks down is in pacing, the beginning moves far too slowly, and depends too much on the slow build style of the  first film, but since it was expected it did not build that slow feeling of dread, discomfort and unease that made PARANORMAL ACTIVITY such a great movie.  There are scares but they are more startle, boo we gotcha variety.  The end however, was very satisfying.


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