Anatomy of a Meta-planer Quest: Part I

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Shadowrun, Table Top Gaming, Uncategorized

After a very long time  GMing the Shadowrun role playing game in 3 out of the 4 editions of the game, I am running my fist meta-planer quest for a magical character and ordeal for initiation and for the character to gain a new magical ability, in this case the ability to mask his magical aura. The plan is to run it as a play by email as this will not involve any of the other characters.

In the Shadowrun setting there is the mundane world that everyone experiences, the astral plane, that only magicians can access for the most part, and the meta-planes that are beyond the edge of astral space, and home to very powerful and sometimes very malignant beings and forces. Venturing to the meta-planes is not something to be done lightly and is a dangerous proposition, as it can take a physical and psychological toll on the magician that is taking the journey.

The character in question is a chaos magician, who barrows aspects of all sorts of traditions as part of his path to magic, in this case whe looks to the Dragon Slayer mentor spirit for part of his magical path.  His goal is to seek out the mentor spirit on the meta-planes in order to learn the talent.

Dweller on the Threshold:

The first step of the quest is meeting the Dweller at the Threshold. A guardian to the meta-planes.  This is a where a magician must face his or her own personal demons, short comings, and misdeeds that might be eating them up on the inside.  In this case little appears to bother the character in question, Spirit Walker a Chaos Mage who claims to look to the Dragon Slayer mentor spirit, although he does not embrace the philosophy of the Dragon Slayer

You leave you body as usual when projecting, but you push further and further out.  As you move across the astral plane towards the planes beyond you approach the gate.  It appears as a large circular airlock.  Its very dirty and rusted and poorly lit.  There is a figure gaurding it, he is dressed in the uniform of some kind.  The figure is standing at attention,  with a rifle at his side.

The figure  cast in heavy shadow turns to you and asks, “Sir, I need to see your authorization to proceed further”

Spirit Walker proudly states that  “The authorization is given, lets get this done!”

The dweller responds:

The figure sighs, “You are new at this aren’t you Sir?   First time going to the metaplanes Sir? You see, you and I both know where you want to go, however the question remains, why should I let you in? Have you acted heroically in and out of battle? Have you kept a song in your heart and brought joy to all those around you?  We both know the answer, now its up to you to admit it.”

The figure comes out of the shadow,  staring at you eyes gone, as you peer into the empty sockets and a hollowed out skull, and his ear and cheek have been chewed off.

He grins, “What do you say Spirit Walker? All you need to gain entrance into the Dragon Slayer’s realm in lay your soul bare for the universe to see.”

Walker: “I’ve never killed needlessly, I’ve never intentionally harmed those who weren’t going to harm me. When given a chose between taking a life just for the sake of satisfying my conscience I refused. Does that make me a good person no, but it doesn’t make me a bad person and as a Shadow Runner you can’t really ask for more then that. “

After a bit of assistance from a mentor he had thought lost, vouching for his veracity, and that he was on a journey of growth,  the dweller spins the valve of the air-lock, it opens with an ear-splitting squeak. “Enter if you will, I hope you find it quite, illuminating.”
On the other side of the doorway is a cobble stone path winding threw a idyllic forest, you hear, music and sounds of a very boisterous celebration, glasses clinking, singing and laughter.

NEXT: The Trials


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