Anatomy of a Metaplanar Quest: Part II

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Shadowrun, Table Top Gaming, Uncategorized

When we last left or magician he was walking down the path towards and idyllic medieval fantasy looking village on his way to talk to his mentor spirit the Dragon Slayer.  The object of this particular quest is to learn the initiate talent of masking, masking allows the magician to disguise his aura how ever he or she sees fit, looking far more powerful, of completely mundane and non magical, or even look like another type of being entirely.  So during these trials the first objective will be to puff him self up be big and bold like a real Dragon Slayer.

Walker enters the tavern, and the music stops and all eyes turn towards him.

The man at the center of the party breaks the silence.  “Hello their, are you one of mine? You can’t be, you are dour and joyless, where is the song in your heart and the fire in your belly?  Well speak up boy!!!!”

Walker responds to the charges “The fire in my belly is for when I’m in battle and the song in my heart won’t be back until I find out what happened to my sis Tanya. But I wouldn’t call myself dour, and joyless… more sarcastic with a morbid sense of humor. If you don’t think I’m one of you what do you want me to do to prove other wise?”

The Dragon Slayer looks you in the eye, and puts down his drink on a table, “Oh, my boy fire in your belly needs to be in more aspects of life than just the field of battle, you need to be larger than life if you want my favor, you need to shine so every one can see, so that every one smiles and cheers”

Can you make your self larger than life? I want to see you get these people to their feet, lead them in song or a tale of bravery to stir the heart and soul, make it big and bold! I know what knowledge you seek and this is the path, at least the first step now take a leap forward!”

With that he gives you a shove on to a stage that rises up from the floor, along with a massive stein of ale. and booms “Courage in all things.”
The patrons of the tavern look at you expectantly, Tanya is in the crowd as well smirking.

Walker goes up to the stage and sings a war ballad, full of violence, glory and victory against all odds. The crowd comes to their feet cheering and howling, smashing mugs etc.
The Dragon Slayer then takes  Spirit Walker on the next stage of the trials learning the fine art of astral stealth

The tavern vanishes and the road stretches out towards the mountain and the lair of the Dragon

After walking for what seems like for ever, with lots of philosophizing and horrible horrible jokes and a lecture or two they make it up to the top of the mountain.  The Dragon Slayer encourages  Walker to think small think silent, hide in plain sight. The dragon Slayer  goes after the dragon leaving walker and a gleaming broad sword waiting for walker to use it.

His old friend/teacher mentor Tanya shows up.

“Hello again, nice job of becoming invisible!” she compliments  “I However, can always find you.”

“Here is your choice, do you want to follow the path of the oafish blow hard, or do you want real power?”  She punctuates here statement by holding up a Kris Short sword ornately carve with a handle made of some sort of bone and a silvery engraved skull at the base.

“So what shall it be old friend?  I have been watching your potential grow, even if you did not always take the lessons  I wanted you to learn from your tutors”

She looks you straight in the eye: “Make your choice.”

“Well Sis one of the first things you taught me was that every choice has a consequence, so what is the consequence of this choice what do you mean by real power?”

Tanya holds up the blade again, and gives you her pitch. “Freedom is the consequence, liberation from the petty constraints of weak minds, and you will lead the way for others if you so choose.  There are dark things coming and the buffoon playing tag with an imaginary dragon wont help you survive or thrive in the new world that is coming.  So do you want to lead or serve?  Be dinner or the diner, I am offering power and true freedom, my patron values the individual over all else, where do you wan to be?”

Walker takes the blade, “So why didn’t you offer the blade from the beginning?” he smirks “Don’t tell me it was just to hear me sing Sis.”

She smiles as he take the blade “Quite simply, you were not ready and you had wandered off in a ‘different’ direction than would be suitable, and the blade is just a manifestation of the metaplane, it only exists here, it represents a choice,  Happily you have been walking away from the Dragon Slayer, making choices that will not limit your powers, now all that remains is to strike out and liberate your self from bondage of fools.”

In the end walker takes the sword from Tanya and plunging it into the back of the Dragon Slayer and  setting a new course with his magic moving towards a less altruistic, and more selfish mentor spirit, that has yet to be hammered out, and will likely cause some trouble as the campaign progresses.


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