When games go splat!!!!

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Shadowrun, Table Top Gaming

So Last Sunday, my Shadowrun just did not gel for any great amount of time. I thought it was a good story, an exciting wrap-up to the previous sessions story. There were some good RP opportunities, there was the planning portion, my players love a good infiltration, and there was the chance to be an international team that had been frequently talked about.

Sadly the game broke down into minor squabbles, over planning and it just slowed down. So what do other GMs do in this situation, I floated a Twitter balloon but only got one response.  The option of just scrapping the game for the night, but that just did not feel right for how things was fallin down, i think we all wanted to be there but there were just lots of problems on how to handle what was going on.

In the time since then one of the players thinks the international route might not be the best for his character’s mind set after all so the campaign might be moving in a different direction than previously planned, but I still am left wondering about how rescue future sessions if things just start to go south. Gaming time is preciously small as a full fledged adult so i hate to see a game get called off, so does anyone have any good ideas?


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