For the Game Masters Toolkit

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Table Top Gaming

Truth be told I have never liked modules, at least as a GM. Going back as long as I have ran games canned adventures have never really fit my GM style.  I picked up shrink wrapped booklets for everything from Star Frontiers to D6 Star Wars amazing cover art and an intriguing  pitch on the back always lead to disappointment later.  If I was lucky I could salvage a good map or bit of gear or an NPC that I could repurpose.  This is not to say I don’t understand the value of such products as time savers, especially as the other obligations in life take up much more time than they did when I was a teenager getting into the hobby.

The good folks over at Gnome Stew have come out with a couple of great tools for the GMs toolkit Eureka 501  Adventure Plots To Inspire Game Masters and Masks: 1000 Memorable NPCs For Any Roleplaying Game.  Eureka features well 501 story plots. They are organized and cross indexed by genre, sub-genre and action description(combat heavy, RP heavy, etc). All of this is supported on George Polti’s 36 Dramatic situations.

None of the plots are system specific so its up to you the GM to stat out anything you think needs stating, tweeking elements of the plot that would make it fit into your game.  I have used a couple of plots in my Shadowrun game and have written up a few more for future use. So far I have been very happy with the results in play nothing feels like a canned adventure, and everything has been very easy to tweek and put into my campaign.

The Second product is on pre-order for a hard copy but I do have the PDF. Masks 1000 Memorable NPCs is just what the title says it is 1000 NPCs.  The characters within are divided into Fantasy Sci-Fi and Modern genres, and then further divided into villains, allies and neutrals.  Many of the NPCs are interesting on their own to hand a session or two on.  All the NPCs have description, roleplaying tips, motivation and a back story, traits also listed are searchable in the index in hte back of the book.  I am looking forward to the hardcopy for more thorough examination of the book as my browsing on PDF is never quite as fruitful

  1. Martin Ralya says:

    Thanks for the kind words about our books, veganshane! We’re all about easy adaptability to GMs’ home games, and I’m glad to hear that that approach works well for you.

    The Masks standalone PDF will go on sale tomorrow, and the print books should be shipping out in early August.

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