A new campaign, a new begining

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Pathfinder, Table Top Gaming

After a long hiatus from regular gaming, today I ran my first game of Pathfinder. Not all my players were able to show up, but I was able to get a good intro for the players I did have, and ended the session at a good point for adding new players.

As far as running the game. It went well, having not had a lot of d20 experience it did run smoothly. The combat maneuver system was great, and kept the action moving quickly in the combat encounter that was the climax of today’s game.

The only real slowdown was hunting down the target number for a will save verses the color spray spell that the Elf Magus cast.

I did make use of one whimsical accessory, Paizo’s Condition cards deck that received raves on the Know Direction podcast. Its from the Game Mastery line and the art is a hoot. It also eases the load of reminding players of the effects various things that could befall their character.  I got to use the prone card during one of the more memorable parts of the combat.


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