Who done it on the high seas.

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Pathfinder, Table Top Gaming

The Characters:

Fik the half-orc monk and follower of Irori

Crux a half-elf storm druid and escaped slave

Tasilon a Human fighter/merchant on the run from trouble at home in Qadira

Gaelen an itinerant elf wizard who has attached him self to the party as they appear to have an arcane shaped vacany

At the end of the last session there was a murderer loose aboard the ship, some one who had killed Asim in the last session as he slept in his bunk. Crux took the lead in the investigation bringing all the other passengers above decks and proceeded to detect magic on the belongings of of the passengers to narrow the suspect list (the murdere had left a very expensive glass vial containing a few remaining drops of an invisibility potion)

Meanwhile Tasilon began to search their belongings. Tasilon’s searches  uncovered a couple of things Asim’s scroll-case in the hay  for the goats of Bhen-Yamin a child-like goat hearder with a small caravan from Katapesh. the tools of an assassin were discovered among the things belonging to Sebastian redtail, a man claiming to be a religious pilgrim returning home.

Crux talked to Bhen and while he did have an altercation with Asim and Asim’s big ego and bigger mouth, he did not kill him, and Mister Redtail quickly convinced him that the killer was not him, and a rank amateur. but after a Starling-Lecter like exchange as to what Crux should be looking for. This spread suspiscion on to Chrisrof Stannis a Taldoran nobel on the way home to Taldor and a late arival for  the passage from Absalom to the mainland.

I was preparing to bring another of Desna’s followers down when Crux suggested strongly that I talk with Crisrof Stannis (Yes, THAT Crisof Stannis) instead.  I began with him as I did the others.  I asked simply “Did you do it?” and when they responded no (who wouldn’t?) I explained that I believed them but that I would have to verify their story by having someone break their thumbs until we were satisfied with their answer.  I had hoped that the initial threat of violence would be enough to bring them around, but, alas, it was not.  So once more we went to speak with Barris[the previous First Mate].  Like an artist working in his favored medium Barris broke him within moments.  He told us everything we needed to know about how, when, and why he’d killed off Asim.  Taldor.  Need I even bother saying any more?  Always trying to find a way to turn everything into a reason to go to war.  His lord was so afraid that Kimbote had been working with Qadirian rebels to overthrow their government and take away what little they have…again.  Another pawn in their larger game killed for no particularly good reason.

After much haggling over what to do with him now that we uncovered his plot we were able to come to the agreement that he would be taken with us as we make landfall and set free after he’s procured a letter of safe passage for us.  He has also promised to petition for us in this whole matter of working with Kimbote and Kimbote being the target of
the Prince’s ire.

-Tasilon in a letter home.

Next up the journey to Taldor in a longboat.

  1. BLuR -- Tasilon (1st level Human Fighter) says:

    I found this session to be somewhat difficult. It was pretty obvious from the onset that none of us really knew what we were doing. Tasilon didnt want to take the lead on the investigation because it was likely that he would quickly resort to his old ways of getting information. And the bigger reason…he didnt care. It never occurred to him that someone with our papers and badge could do anything that might be a road block to our investigation. Consider that part of his shortsightedness. “So what, they have a map and some names. Who cares, we have them too.” What could anyone give a flip about us helping a horribly disfigured man on his last legs? He cared about the money we’d paid for passage for a passenger that is no longer with us, I wanted (and got) a refund. I also got a new scimitar so his passing was to my/our benefit. I would thank the person who off’d him.

    “If someone paid to have you killed, you can bet that he’s made an enemy in the wrong places. I’d guess that he’d taken a lover of some noble and failed to keep her satisfied. How is this MY concern? It was not MY wife.”

    Tasilon did everything he could to look busy while staying well clear of the “investigation.” It wasnt until they caught me sleeping below decks that I even bothered doing anything more than just peeking at things I probably should be peeking at.

    Personally I thought it was a stroke of genius to have Barris pummel people for me! It kept me from accidentally going too far (enjoying it too much), and kept my hands clean of the entire situation. “How could I have known that he was going to hurt that man? I asked him and he said he knew how to get people to tell the truth…I did not know that he was going to bash them over the head until they talked?” At least, that was going to be what he said if anyone vocally objected too loudly. But, it was successful two fold. We found the bad guy (so we think) AND I’ve gotten Barris freed from his crimes as being a slaver. Im batting 50% on that score, but its better than nothing.

    I did try to tell them that it would be easier to just throw everyone who wasn’t us into the Inner Sea and be done with it. “It will take too much time to sort out which lies we want to believe and which ones we do not…and they will all lie, that is what people do.” It isnt that he is evil, or callous, at all, he was simply trying to find the most expedient method to get to the root of the problem which he saw as “I dont want to sleep on a ship where someone has killed one of ‘us'” compounded by “When this ship puts into dock, that killer will have the ability to send word to his/her vast network of other killers and likely get rid of everyone sympathetic to our cause, thusly making it impossible to complete this task.” My method would solve both of those issues and, as a side effect, net us a tidy profit on their stuff! See? It makes sense, does it not?

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