Landfall and a last stand.

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Pathfinder, Table Top Gaming

The Characters:

Fik the half-orc monk and follower of Irori

Crux a half-elf storm druid and escaped slave

Tasilon a Human fighter/merchant on the run from trouble at home in Qadira

Late in the third watch a commotion on deck awakens Fik and Crux from their slumber and meditations. Tasilon still suffering the effects from the previous nights drinking will not be  aroused until things get much noisier up top.

Crux and Fik reach the deck to discover the night watch incapacitated and the deposed Captain Reyes and Gaelen the Elf  Wizard making an escape in a lifeboat. Reyes rows furiously and Gaelen throws his few remaining spells tagging Fik with a magic Missile threw the mist created to cover their escape.  the deck mounted ballistae are brought to bare and  soon after Tasilon arrives on deck long bow in hand.

Arrows and ballista bolts fly as the fugitives are ended and with them the desperate attempt to escape the ship.

The next day the party  and their prisoner/hostage Crisrof Stannis depart in a pinnace for the Cassomir the main port city of Taldor. Once ashore they dispatch Stannis to get them a letter for safe passage and the others go about business Fix visiting the local temple of Irori where he receives bad news of his home monastary, and Crux begins to familiarize him self with the local flora and fauna. Tasilion went about selling off the pinnace and  getting set for the journey north:

I find myself the master of a small trading caravan!  I have hired a cook to travel with us during the just over month long trek north by land.  I believe I have negotiated a number of good contracts.  I was able to trade our services if needed to another caravan heading in the same direction and carrying mostly different loads of goods to market.  I’d hate to be in competition with another merchant.  Competition is only good for the buyer, not the seller.  We will be getting 24 silver a day for the three of us and access to my cook from time to time.  They will provide their own food stuffs to be prepared.  We may be called upon to protect the goods from bandits or worse should anything happen upon us with nefarious intentions.  Otherwise, we are being paid a good wage for going where we were going in the first place.  I believe this to be a win-win situation. –Tasilon in a letter home to his family in Qadira

The party still awaits the return of Stannis with a letter of safe passage and for the cook to round up any remaining supplies for the journey north.

  1. BLuR says:

    Tasilon’s mean streak is starting to rear its ugly head.

    Everything was fine until someone tried to steal from me. Cheat me out of my money, do not cut my purse, smile to my face, and then run off! So Tasilon wakes from the “Sun God” dream (you know the one with the naked people throwing tiny pickles at you) to hear a commotion on deck. Knowing our propensity at finding trouble in the middle of a deserted ocean, I drag my sorry tail up onto deck. And what to my astonished eyes do I find? The captain and that long winded mage rowing away…WITH MY STUFF! It wasn’t legally his stuff, but it should have been!

    Tasilon found himself just utterly annoyed that she wouldnt take my offers of assistance but would, like a thief in the night, accept a more devious and underhanded offer that was doomed to failure. Did she not think that someone would notice them leaving? Did she not think that perhaps our bows could reach them? Obviously not, since I emptied nearly the entirety of my quiver into her long dead body. It took 3 – 4 rounds for me to finally stop shooting. It took that long for my anger to subside enough where I could regain control and some semblance of composure. If she had taken my offer, in a few short years we could have had her back in another smuggling ship and running goods all over the known world!

    This was a fun session. We go to off yet another PC turned NPC (The magician had a player light right up until its player decided that we didnt fit his style of gaming). I got to hire some kids to run through the town advertising the sale of the Pinnace assuring that we’d get the most money. I brought the harbor master serveral buckets of good salt (as is the custom) ensuring that we’d get good queue slots for the unloading of our stores. Did a little commerce in the market place. Became, although temporarily, a member of the guild of merchants. Restocked on expendables, picked up maps, and all in all, had a great role playing time.

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