Bugbears and Zombies Oh My!!!

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Pathfinder, StarWars, Table Top Gaming

The Characters:

Fik the half-orc monk and follower of Irori and reluctant master to Brother Chen

Crux a half-elf storm druid and escaped slave seeking revenge on seven Dwarven overseers, who has traveled north on druid business.

Tasilon a Human fighter/merchant on the run from trouble at home in Qadira

Salgrit a Dwarf Paladin of Torag who has come to drink ale and stomp evil, and she’s all out of ale!

Templeton Granger a silver tongued noble from Varisia who could talk you out of your last copper.

by Tanorax

Traveling up river, the party reunites with Crux after his journey threw the forest with one of the high druids to investigate the sudden migration of unusual animals  south ward during summer, a most unexpected thing.  With no explanation found Crux is returned to the party, and the Druid continues his  journey as well

The barge makes land fall on the Andoran side of the river, at the town of Bellis, after some hijinks involving the purchase and forgery of  Andoran Merchant’s Guild licenses. The party sails further northward uneventful until the ships be rang out a warning in the middle of the night.

The bell tolled for a very large log, that was floating down the river burning, and in the path of the barge. While Templeton and the rest of the party wake  from their nights sleep and begin to formulate a plan to deal with the log, the purpose of the log is revealed.  Two large bugbears vault on to the ship.

The bugbears go for the two boys Chen and Sigmund. Chen scrambles up the crates and barrels in the middles of the deck, Sigmund however is not so lucky. Salgrit, Templeton and Tasilon spring into action against the  marauding monsters. Tasilon sends out a hail of arrows at one while Salgrit moves forward to Smite the one with the child as Templeton swings from the bow of the ship on some sail rigging, and manages to wrap the rope around the bugbears neck

One of them seemed intent on eating the child Sigmund, a troublesome rapscallion with the caravan. I am not of a heroic type, but I do have a soft spot for delicious children, so I intervened the only way I knew how: With wit and skill rather than steel. I successfully distracted it to avail the others an opportunity to kill it, but it dropped into the water still clutching the bothersome boy. I cut myself free of the creature and snagged the child by the scruff, but the creature would not release him.

In the end, I shook the creature off and the both of us were dragged to safety.I spent the next few hours in drink, mostly in an effort to drown my stupidity.

The next morning, I was forced to let one of the crewmen go. According to the holy knight, he was touched by evil. I also questioned Sigmund about the bugbears, and may have convinced him that bugbears hunt children that troubled caravans.
Further upriver, that same day, Crux informed me that things were too quiet… and when I sent a lookout aloft to see what it is, he cried all stop. Smoke, he cried, fire. Again, ringing that wretched bell.
The river was blocked by multiple ships some burning some smoldering, the remnants of a great battle, making navigation up river impossible. Disembarking to get a closer look Templeton, Tasilon and Salgrit with Brother Chen in tow move in for a closer look.  While Crux breaks off from the party to follow a trail of footprints into the forest, the tracks appear to have been made by injured persons with some dragging foot prints and spattering of blood on the trail.
Templeton sneaks closer to the first ship in the blockade where a pile of pitch continues to burn and the corpses of two men that apparently fell in the battle with the halberd of on plunged threw the chest of the other.
As Templeton  goes in for an even closer look, first one then the other corps  comes to un-life grasping him by the ankle, moaning and trying to pull the nobleman towards their snapping jaws. Salgrit, Tasilon and Fik close the distance and the two zombies are eventually hacked to pieces. the commotion awakens many of the other unmoving members of the undead hoard not fully burned on the other ships of the blockade. The four then launch volley after volley of flaming projectiles at the awakening undead.

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