River of sorrow

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Pathfinder, Table Top Gaming

The Characters:

Fik the half-orc monk and follower of Irori and reluctant master to Brother Chen

Crux a half-elf storm druid and escaped slave seeking revenge on seven Dwarven overseers, who has traveled north on druid business.

Tasilon a Human fighter/merchant on the run from trouble at home in Qadira

Salgrit a Dwarf Paladin of Torag who has come to drink ale and stomp evil, and she’s all out of ale!

Templeton Granger a silver tongued noble from Varisia who could talk you out of your last copper.

Tasilon, Fik, Salgrit and Templeton having reignited the blockade return to the barge and prepare to disembark with the caravan as the path north is blocked when Crux returns with news that undead also stalk the woods.

With daylight running out the caravan is reloaded quickly on the barge, to wait for the morning before making a push. The commotion and the smell of fresh flesh draw a crowd on both sides of the river. Burning pitch is used tothin out the zombies on the west bank. As Salgrit and caravan member Brother Mortimer, a priest of Pharasma hatch a plan to lead the remainder of the fiends away.

With the aid of various magics, the priest and the paladin lead the hoarde away allowing for an a quick unloading of the barge with Crux, Fik and Tasilon to defend against ant stragglers. There are four zombies still lurking, and they attack.

I engaged one and as I did the ground erupted in brambles and vines tangling themselves around our legs.  Well, its legs, not so much mine.  I can only assume that Crux had entered the fray and that was his opening shot.  To my left I heard Fik engage his target with a muffled
“wuuf” of two colliding bodies.  I made relatively short work of the zombie on me but Crux and Fik seemed to have a little more trouble
with their’s than I did AND Crux was blessed with two zombies.  I could see him fighting a retreat back to the boat while trying to lead them into burning pitch that [I’m blanking on Adam’s character’s name!] was readying.  By the time I had finished killing the one in front of me Fik had fallen to the ground with the one he was fighting, while Crux had made it back to the barge and was still fighting for his life.  I moved to engage the two attacking Crux but stopped long enough to kill one that Fik had left tied up on the ground.  No need to leave an enemy to my back when I do not have to.

It was about this time that I heard Crux begin yelling in panic as the zombies fell upon him.  I did everything I could to get one or both of them to turn their attention to me but they were unshakable.  Unwavering in their pursuit of half-elven flesh.  By the time I’d managed to fell the fourth of four Crux was gone, or soon would be.  Shortly thereafter the priest returned without Salgrit.  I greeted telling him the sad news of Crux falling.  He told his tale of Salgrit leading her group of undead into an underground passage to gain the upper hand in her footing and comfort levels but when he got to where she disappeared he found nothing but the bodies of zombies.  By his estimation she felled all of them before either falling herself (and disappearing) or just plain disappearing.  While I would much rather rescue our lost member it has become obvious that we cannot just follow her trail with a full caravan behind us AND being paid to get them to a destination rather than taking them on a grand adventure. I asked the priest to say soothing words over Crux’s body while we [went through his pockets for loose change] made preparations to get on the road as quickly as we could.  We could not be sure how long the undead would forget about this place and us and needed to make the most of any available time.  We sent Cruz to his final rest with his armor and weapons in tact.  No one should have to go into the darkness without those thing.  The priest blessed the body, assured us that he would not turn into one of those things, and said words of kindness aimed at worshipers of the Storm God.

from a letter home from  Tasilon aBin Zaleem of Qadira

So now having lost comrades the band moves forward towards the city of Woodsedge, mourning their losses and with Tasilon determined to take up Crux’s quest for justice, and wondering what he will find on that road


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