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This lil guy was the first challenge the PCs in my Starfinder game faced



N Tiny technological construct

Init +3 Senses darkvision 60 feel Perception +8


EAC 14 KAC 16

Fort +3 Ref +5 Will +0

Defenses: construct immunities

Weakness: vulnerable to electrical attacks


Speed 40 (climb 30)


Dart pistol +12 1d6 plus poison


Slasher +8 1d6+4 slashing

Offensive Abilities: Haste circuit


STR +2 DEX +4 CON — INT+1 CHA +0 WIS +0


Stealth +13 Perception +8 Computer +8

Languages common

Gear dart pistol mounted, camera. Data storage

Organization solitary


Created by a brilliant robotics engineer and used for missions from spying/recon to assassination the toxin load out on the dart pistol changes by the job assignment.


starfinder: session one

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I have finally ran my first session of Starfinder.  The basics of the story for the night was an entertainment executive with Abadarcorp’s entertainment division is assembling a team to find the missing star of a reality show; Skyp Tracer: Bounty Hunter.  Skyp has vanished after the traumatic death of his partner/sidekick who is hit with a Cryo-cannon and shatters when grenades he is carrying explodes as a result of the sudden temprature change.

The character mix an Android Mystic/scholar, Vesk Solarian/Xenoseeker, Human Soldier/Priest, and a Kasatha Mechanic/Icon. They spread out starting their investigation. In the process  questioning witnesses, and going to Skyp’s apartment and encountering a robotic spider investigating the apartment. Eventually the investigation leads off station and a they go to their new ship where they meet some toughs from a crime syndicate who want Skyp as well, violence quickly ensues, with the PCs winning the day.


All things considered, the Starfinder rules set ran very smoothly. It felt as it did in the demo I played back n June. The soldier dominated the early part of combat encounters but the solarian finishes it once he is fully attuned and goes super nova. The mystic and mechanic fell into a more support role.

I’m curious how the power and survivab of the characters will increase as the game goes on. In the two combats the solarian burned through his Stamina Points and into his hit points, in the final encounter going down to 3 hit points left. the rest of the characters had also lost a few stamina points along the way. No one actually dipped into their resolve pool, so I may have to look at my encounter design.


Anyone who has followed my blog at all knows I am a fan of the Zombie Apocalypse genre. AMC has just launched a companion  series The Walking Dead titled Fear the Walking Dead(FTWD). The series was created by Robert Kirkman, who created the comic book series that kicked off the franchise.
FTWD  moves the  timeline back to the beginning of the catastrophe when Rick Grimes is in a coma and moves the action to Los Angeles, California. The main characters are a blended family  consisting of a high school English  teacher and guidance  counselor and their children  from  previous  relationships.
The focus initially is on the everyday concerns of a blended family, with an undercurrent  of dread and tension as the evidence of what is to come slowly builds.
For all of the slow burn the cold open stats with Nick the oldest of the teen-aged character, and a drug addict  discovering a friend, now a zombie chowing down on another person in the shooting gallery. Fleeing in terror Nick runs straight into a car.
From this point we see a world where slowly the threads that hold society together start to fray. The narrative examines or at least teases all be it briefly some of these threads. Trust in the government  and mass media are looked at as the crisis builds with no indication given from those whose  duty it is to keep us safe, with information dribbling out via social media posts and videos posted online. Especially timely is the commentary on police violence as protests erupt after the police shoot a homeless man 50 times (presumably he was a walker). As the protest turns into a riot as police take down another zombie and riot police enter the area, and the pot that is the protest boils over, the perfect setting for a slowly growing zombie menace to go unnoticed.
So far the shows biggest strength is the ability to create that undercurrent of impending doom. The scoring of the show by Paul Haslinger helps convey that feeling better than just about anything, giving cues at just the right time to build tension better than any of the visual cues.
I’m looking forward to seeing the final unraveling  as the series approaches the  season finale and as the military comes into play. Will they be a bigger threat than the undead to the protagonists? Or will the military is evil trope as seen in DAY OF THE DEAD be sustained or be subverted? We have already seen some police acting less than  honorably  stockpiling water in their squad car. Will the army/national guard be any better?
I do have a couple of issues one minor the other more serious. The less serious is the one thing that I’ve  noticed that spoils the illusion   that Vancouver is Los Angeles, the acknowledge of palm trees. Having been to LA a few times, palm trees are every where, they are almost ubiquitous in the Southern California landscape.
My second issue, and one mentioned across all media is the fact that almost all the deaths of characters with actual lines have been African American characters. Intentional or not, it is very noticeable, and troubling.

Vegan Mofo Day 3: Faux Fish

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So at long last I was able to try the Garden Fishless fillets. I was happy I did, it is one of the better vegan sea food items I have tried. I even made a little tarter sauce to go with it and some oven fries with malt vinegar. Yum!

Vegan MoFo Day 2

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So jackfruit is the most versatile fruit ever good in deserts and savories depending on ripeness. Above is a jackfruit and potato burrito.

Vegan Mofo Day 1

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Brunch! Tofu scramble Babka roll and potatoes.

Dice-bag giveaway!

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So GenCon has just finished a couple weeks ago and like everyone else in the gaming community I was eager to see all the new releases and announced products from my favorite publishers. New Star Wars games from Fantasy Flight Games, and all the Pathfinder goodness coming from Paizo have me quite excited about the next year in games.

I want to know what all of you are excited about as far as games and gaming accessories.  As a little incentive I’m giving away in partnership with Vegancraftastic etsy shop the Gearhead dice-bag pictured above. Its a high quality lined drawstring bag that holds a large number of dice or other goodies. Check out the link above for other great hand made items including other bags in a variety of designs and styles.

To win just leave a comment telling me what gaming product you are amped about this year. Make sure that there is a way for me to contact you if you are the lucky winner. For a second chance to win follow me on Twitter!

The contest runs from today August 27th, 2012 until midnight CDT on September 3rd, 2012, and is open internationally. The winner will be randomly determined, and contacted soon after so the bag can be sent to them via the mail.

Thanks for entering, and good luck!!!