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It looks like February and Con of the North are a long ways off on paper, but it is time to start thinking about what games I will be running that far odd weekend. Especially since the pre-event program submissions are due… NEXT MONTH!!!!!! Fortunately I have been mulling a few ideas over in my head for a while now. OK, four ideas, and is running four games over the weekend a bit to much?

A Savage Worlds Steampunk game inspired by Cherie Priest’s Clockwork Century world and maybe a bit of Wild Wild West.  I am thinking about Union  Airship Privateers attempting to thwart a Confederate plot to start a zombie threat in Union territory, perhaps along the Mason-Dixon Line. Zeppelins, steam-powered tanks and flesh-eating ghouls, whats not to love.  I am currently reading Priest’s book Boneshaker and it has given me a bug to try and run a bit of Steampunk

A Pathfinder game with perhaps more zombies,  with the PCs being conscripted to go out and find the source of the undead scourge that is plaguing a the city they find them selves in.  Are two zombie themed games really too much to run, I guess we we shall see, but I really want to try and run some Pathfinder what ever my scenario morphs into by the time the deadline hits.

Star Wars Saga Edition:  I think I will do a follow on to the Star Wars game I ran last year with the employees of Ssss’kp Tracers Bounty and Detection Service. I am thinking a Nobel hires the players to get him or some vaulable family heirloom off planet in the middle of a Mandalorian invasion.  It should afford some good opportunities for Star Wars style goodness, and maybe just a bit of space combat too, if I can get the pacing right.

I would also like to run some Cthulu-Tech. Although I am not exactly sure of the scenario. I did have fun last year with the players being in power armor, although I also ponder a straight up Mecha pilots on the battlefield scenario, although I am not sure how much role-playing that will encourage or if it will be a straight up monster mash.