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starfinder: session one

Posted: November 2, 2017 in Uncategorized



I have finally ran my first session of Starfinder.¬† The basics of the story for the night was an entertainment executive with Abadarcorp’s entertainment division is assembling a team to find the missing star of a reality show; Skyp Tracer: Bounty Hunter.¬† Skyp has vanished after the traumatic death of his partner/sidekick who is hit with a Cryo-cannon and shatters when grenades he is carrying explodes as a result of the sudden temprature change.

The character mix an Android Mystic/scholar, Vesk Solarian/Xenoseeker, Human Soldier/Priest, and a Kasatha Mechanic/Icon. They spread out starting their investigation. In the process¬† questioning witnesses, and going to Skyp’s apartment and encountering a robotic spider investigating the apartment. Eventually the investigation leads off station and a they go to their new ship where they meet some toughs from a crime syndicate who want Skyp as well, violence quickly ensues, with the PCs winning the day.


All things considered, the Starfinder rules set ran very smoothly. It felt as it did in the demo I played back n June. The soldier dominated the early part of combat encounters but the solarian finishes it once he is fully attuned and goes super nova. The mystic and mechanic fell into a more support role.

I’m curious how the power and survivab of the characters will increase as the game goes on. In the two combats the solarian burned through his Stamina Points and into his hit points, in the final encounter going down to 3 hit points left. the rest of the characters had also lost a few stamina points along the way. No one actually dipped into their resolve pool, so I may have to look at my encounter design.