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METAGAMING: Threat or Menace?

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Table Top Gaming

So I have had a very long career in RP games even with a hiatus in the last decade, but in my current Shadowrun game is the first time in a regular game that I have encountered any real issue with metagaming, a little metagaming in combat situations I usually don’t have a lot of issue with.  Heck in games like Star Wars: Saga Edition,or D&D in its more recent incarnations, it appears nearly impossible to play with out a bit of metagaming because they are so filled with crunch and talents and feats loose a lot of the organic feel of other types of games, not that it is a bad thing on its own.

My biggest problem with metagaming comes when a player tries to metagame a strictly RP encounter, and other low crunch encounters.  How do other GMs handle metagaming? Do you use more subtle pushes, and punishments directed at the metagamer in game; or flat out calling the metagamer on it at the table; or take the player aside before or after a session and talk about the problem?  How can you make a gaming environment that discourages metagaming?