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The Characters:

Fik the half-orc monk and follower of Irori

Crux a half-elf storm druid and escaped slave

Tasilon a Human fighter/merchant on the run from trouble at home in Qadira

Asim Elf Magus from Osirion

The story begins on Absalom, with Gregor Kimbote being led around by an oracle who is old as the sea and smells like the low tide.  Kimbote and the old woman are collecting swords for hire to help him cure a curse that befell him while on a crusade to the World Wound.

Kimbote’s body has been warped and twisted by a very unique curse, his body quickly deteriorating Kimbote is willing to pay for expenses for the trip to the curse’s origin. He also gives letters of introduction to Kimbote friends and allies across Avistan and maps to where it all began.

Fik notices that there are eyes upon them as they discuss the quest with Kimbote, the person leaves soon after being made my the half-orc.

After leaving the tavern Fik and Asim are pick pocketed, and the scroll case with the  letters and what not from Kimbote are stolen. a short chase threw the  packed streets of Absalom ends with a short fight where Asim renders a large swath of people unconscious with a color spray spell, although the thief is unscathed but the PCs are able to  close ground and between Fik’s fists of fury and Asim’s over zealous use of a scimitar the thief is killed, with Asim dealing the unintended death blow.

The city guard take notice as Asim slips away as Fik talks his way out of the trouble with a combo of zen like calm and orcish intimidation.

Soon after Kimbote and his oracle  go to another tavern where the oracle guides Kimbote to Tasilon and Crux with offers of things both men want; a chance to avoid the long knives of home for Tasilon and a chance at vengeance for Crux.

The next morning the PCs meet up, Tasilon having secured them passage on a ship that would appear to meet their needs. The meet the quiet Captain Reyes and her first mate a half-orc called Barris.

After a few days at sea chaos hits the ship:

It was a very exciting day.  First we awaken and find Asim missing, presumed dead then one of the passengers had gone into the hold that was off limits.  Captain Adelina[Reyes] and First Mate Barris made it clear that no one was to go in there “because they had dangerous cargo” that would eat us.  It turned out to just be slaves being taken to market.  In the middle of the public flogging for breaking the rules the “wife” of the man being punished signals to a ship behind us that had been likely following us since we left port.  They came along side and boarded us, killing many of the crew and then freeing the slaves.

–Tasilon in a letter to his Father in Qadira

The battle ended when Barris finally surrendered after a botched attempt to headbutt Fik left him with a badly broken nose gushing a copious amount of blood.

The party was left to negotiate the division of the spoils of battles with the pirate who revealed them selves as privateers with a letter of marque from Andoran. Of course there is still teh matter of the other passengers on board one of whom murdered poor Azim in his bunk.