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This weekend I started a new Shadowrun game, its been the first time I have ran the game in quite some time.  I used the current edition of the rules and I think I like it in action.  Currently I have three players but it looks like I could be up to four or five by next session. On the whole the game went well I had forgotten a few things on how the game operates regardless of the edition, conjuring although streamlined with new players can take a bit of time, and very wired characters can end a fight scene before it starts.  Also I think I might have let a bit too much cash out for the first game but I think I can adjust both those easily as I move forward.

The cast of characters is as follows:

Flair- A scion of the Wise Warrior mentor spirit who seeks to reduce blood shed when ever possible, often by obtaining black-mail material that can be used to get an opponent to stand down.

Twitch- A well armed and wired to the gills Street Samurai type. Flair and Twitch have regular debates on the appropriate use of force and medium machine guns

Avalon  Spirit-Walker- A chaos mage with talent for conjuring.