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I have been thinking a lot about running the Dresden Files RPG of late.  I have as a result been thinking about locations in the Twin Cities and beyond that would skew well for the Dresden-verse.  One that comes to mind is District Del Sol.  Del Sol is just south of downtown St Paul, and is Minnesota’s oldest Latino neighborhood.  As such I thought it would be a natural for doing something with the Red Court vampires. Combine this with Minnesota’s history of welcoming refugees from persecution, and terror and you have a great sanctuary for those fleeing the Red Court in Latin America.  Oh and there is this cool  mural of the Sun that watches over the neighborhood, its eyes looking so tired from watching out for the neighborhood.

District Del Sol

Theme: Sanctuary Under Siege

Threat: Red Court Minions encroach.

Face: Augusto “Augie” Perez  Weary vampire hunter.

Since its early days Del Sol has been save haven from those fleeing the Red Court.  Its proximity to the mighty Mississippi makes for a great defense as do other more recent architectural and artistic enhancements in including the massive mural of the Sun that watches over the neighborhood creating a thresholds to hold fiends at bay. Latin American groceries and restaurants  are scattered threw out the area,  Including El Burrito Mercado a large grocery and deli where garland of garlic adorn the entrances and aisles of the shop. A full deli emits amazing smells of chillies and spices.  At a table in the center of the deli you can often find Augie Perez, he looks as weary as the sun mural that watches over Del Sol.


Late October: A Halloween Zine

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Hallowween is our big holiday at my house and as such my wife Kala recently completed a Halloween themed zine. Its  packed with art, stories puzzles and a few tasty tasty vegan recipes too. There is even a little bit of  art work and a short essay by yours truly.

Its called  Late October A Halloween Zine  and its available in her etsy shop!! So get into the spirit and check it out!!!