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Other games… Pathfinder

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Table Top Gaming

As I work out plots for my Shadowrun game, I cant help but look at my bookshelf and think about other games I have thought about running over the last few years.  The one that I keep coming back to is Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG.  I like the world, and I think I feel like I am missing something never having run an actually AD&D or D&D campaign.  The last time I actually ran D&D was back when the old  D&D Redbox came out, when my gaming universe consisted of that and TSR’s Star Frontiers RPG.  Neither were ever turned into any sort of a campaign.  Those sorts of impulses did not hit until the end of  high school when attention spans allowed for such things, then my AD&D experiences were a little disappointing so I moved towards science fiction and a bit of horror. From there, game snobbery kept me firmly out of the fantasy arena save for a Harnmaster game that I was a player in  and a little dabbling with Earthdawn that in the end was more a less just used as a Shadowrun source book.  So I guess I think I have missed something in my gaming career by never actually running a fantasy game.

The start of the game floating around in my head has a city or region facing a plague of zombies: Romero with a twist of necromancy.  The first story arc would hopefully have the PCs  traveling threw a desolate landscape populated with zombies of various sorts and  dealing with a scared hungry  goblin population fleeing the catastrophe in a panic, as well as a few red hearings, rumors and what not.  With a bit of luck and some bravery the PCs can find and stop the undead menace. The end of the story arc would leave the adventurers at about mid level and on to bigger and bigger adventures.

Will I ever run this game it is hard to say but, who knows when it will be time to switch games, when/if it happens I think I have a place to go.