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The Characters:

Fik the half-orc monk and follower of Irori and reluctant master to Brother Chen

Tasilon a Human fighter/merchant on the run from trouble at home in Qadira

Templeton Granger a silver tongued noble from Varisia who could talk you out of your last copper.

Prank: A Gnome summoner from Varisia who rides around on a clock-work eidolon, he calls “Wonky”

Fresh off their victory over the arachnid abomination that was  responsible for the zombie plague in Galt, the way finders move on heading towards the Lastwall by way of the Elvish kingdom of Kyonin. They stop in the trading port of Greengold for resupply and the chance to sell their own goods.

Templeton while throwing his name around attracts the attention of an elf lad on a mission from his village elder to find THE Templeton Granger, Paladin, defender of the weak and all around hero. Never one to shy a way from a new angle to make some coin the Wayfinders’ Templeton Granger hears the boy out.

The lad  tells a tale of a village with all its warriors called away to the border with Razmiran and opportunistic ogres taking  live stock and now villagers, and the village elder knew just who to summon for their defense.

Templeton with promises of comely elf lasses and a reward convinces the rest of the band to undertake a little side trip to the village a days travel away. Once there the Wayfinders meet with the elder.

The elder is a very aged half-elf, and he is quite senile. The elder told stories of the good old days, reliving past adventures with his dear old friend Lord Templeton Granger. It quickly became apparent that these exploits had been decades earlier. The elder also mentioned his older sister, who had been Lord Granger’s flame at one point and time.

Hoping that the elder’s sister has moved on Templeton encourages the band to spring into action quickly to smite the ogres. These hopes were dashed when they arrived at their wagon to find an elven woman leaning up against the vehicle.

She confronted the party, and Templeton specifically about what they were up to. After some long conversations and a bit of charm, Alyndra Linswik known to her familiars as Quill agrees not to out him to her brother and revealed some info on the original Lord Granger, the most important thing being he had died 75 or so years previous and was Watcher-Lord of Lastwall before his passing.

The Wayfinders made short work of the ogres, rescuing their prisoners and discovering the grim fate of their victims, they returned heroes with the name of the Wayfinders and Lord Granger  chanted by one and all.

With a bit of wit and charm Templeton convinces Quill to accompany him on the journey to Lastwall, to help him establish his Granger bona fides. All appears well for the sail to Lastwall when a disheveled waif of a woman stumbles up the gang plank of the ship and shouts at Tasilon: “You, you’re a thief, and why are you not going north?’